Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Just another blog?

And so it begins... !

As this is the first post on my (may i say) delightful blog, allow me to intoduce myself.
My name is Éadaoin, a Fashion Design Student from Cork, Ireland who loves to bake!
I have no professional training and am by NO means an expert baker!! My sister will never let me
forget the times I forgot to add flour to cupckakes or  when I used baking soda instead of icing sugar
for icing....i kid you not!! It was a long time ago in my defense!

Anyway I'm pretty fed up with this whole recession, who isn't!? I've handed out sooo many
cvs...and yet, no job.
So , time to take things into my own hands!!
Basically i've baked for friends and family for a long time so why not offer it to more
people! I'm hoping to start baking for markets and hopefully earn a profit while i'm at it!
I also love photography and food photograpy so this is the perfect outfit to show what I
love to do!

So join me dears,  as i blog my journey to Bake myself out of this recession and through college!

And by the way, any recipes featured on this blog were probably not created by me (unless specified ), they have been found and collected from cookbooks, magazines or kindly donated by friends and family!

Let's get baking then!

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