Friday, 8 July 2011

The Country Market

So as I said earlier, today I was going to check out a country market held in my town to see if I'd be interested in selling my cupcakes there. Well I walked in and there were two old ladies sitting just by the door with a box of money, one just smiled and said just go in . So I did , into a big room where there were 2 other old ladies siting down in the corner chatting away and that was it. no one else! They had about 3 tables lined up that had brown bread, eggs and some queen cakes scattered on them...definitely no market for cupcakes!!

I Thought while I was there though I might as well buy something and support the local economy (ha by spending 1euro 60! every little helps they say!..)and bought 4 little buns, really cute, like ones i used to make when I was younger...they bought me right back:) So this tiptoe brought no business success but a lot of nostalgia...and who doesn't like nostalgia!

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